Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Review: Madcup coffee shop!

Hello blog, it’s been a while!
I didn’t mean to abandon you!!! I was just so busy from around August, until NOW! Feb 2017! Happy (belated) New Year! I hope I can keep blogging regularly this year, there’s so much I want to share and talk about! Today I want to talk about my new favourite café, Madcup! 

If you’re familiar with Birmingham, you may have noticed that the food scene has been changing quite a lot over the past few years, and Madcup is most certainly a welcome addition! My Instagram pics whipped up a flurry of excitement amongst my friends, who are all eager to pay Madcup a visit!

Hotcake! So good!

It opened on Kings Heath High Street towards the end of 2016. It’s a few doors down from Sainsbury’s, across the road from Wetherspoons. The interior is minimalist, modern and clean. Some people have complained that the design isn’t “welcoming” enough, but I think it’s lovely! There is seating downstairs, and a load more upstairs too, so don’t worry if it seems too busy from the outside, you can probably find space. 

Flat white & Passion fruit cake
In my opinion, the food and drinks at Madcup are spectacular! The majority of the menu consists of brunch items, and Madcup has put a lot of thought and consideration into the ingredients they use. Where possible, the food is made with fresh and ethical produce, and it honestly makes a difference, as everything I’ve consumed there tastes amazing. You can really tell they’ve put a lot of effort into  developing such a great menu, which overall is healthier and more nutritional than other places on the high street, without compromising flavour and enjoyment. Some of the most interesting items on their menu are the acai bowl and the matcha chia pudding, both of which I am yet to try! 
Avocado & Feta smash on sourdough, with eggs and salmon
Salmon, served on a dill and yogurt sauce on sourdough toast

My number 1 favourite recommended item is the rose infused matcha latte! Just to be able to get a matcha latte on the high street made me excited, let alone an amazing rose infused one! I love matcha and I’m a little obsessed with rose things at the moment, and I can’t stop raving about the latte to my friends! The matcha rose latte is creamy and smooth, and isn’t bitter at all, unlike other matcha lattes I’ve had before. The flavour of the rose isn’t over powering either, and the aroma coming from the drink is just incredible! The latte is then garnished with little edible rose petals! So gorgeous! I basically always order this drink, even though I told myself to try some of the others.

Rose infused matcha latte! 
I also really enjoy the hotcake, it’s so moist and has a wonderful cake-like texture, and is garnished with a variety of things including seeds, fruit and edible flowers! Edible flowers are definitely something I will not tire of! For a limited time you could get a cacao hotcake, which was sooo scrumptious, and I think Madcup ought to make it a regular menu item!

Cocoa hotcake! 
Please check it out if you can! The prices are a little higher (only miniscule) than chain coffee shops, however that's to be expected, as it's an independent business, and I'm willing to pay the extra cost for the quality of the products I'm receiving. I also think it's really important to support local business where possible, and the last thing I'd want is for Madcup to be unappreciated and go out of business. If you're ever around Kings Heath, please pay them a visit!

Hiro xoxo 

White chocolate hot chocolate & White choco and cranberry traybake! 


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    1. The rose matcha latte is my favourite! The aroma is heavenly!!!


    1. Seriiii! Gladly! You just have to get to Kings Heath. Let's go!!! x

  3. I need to put this on my list then, the brunch food looks great - scrambled eggs and avocado on toast is like my favourite weekend treat ever!

    1. Hello Winnie!
      Yes! You really ought to check it out! I think their drinks are absolutely wonderful. I hope you enjoy your visit! :) x