Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Q-Pot love: Q-Pot café!

For many years I’ve been a big fan of the brand Q-pot, who specialised in sweets themed jewellery and accessories, and not only do they have a gorgeous store, they have a lovely café right opposite, which can both be found in Omotesando!  Recently the café and brand have gathered a lot of attention due to their collaborations with Sailor Moon. Unfortunately, I’ve never been in Tokyo at the same time a collaboration is happening!
A few months ago I went on a trip to Tokyo, and I FINALLY got to visit the café with my friend Mamiko! The café décor is simply darling, with pastel colours and a lot of attention to detail. The atmosphere is super calm and relaxing too, as Mamiko and I chatted away for quite a few hours, and even though the café was busy, and at one point 100% full, we never felt rushed.

I was overwhelmed with choices (I kinda wanted everything!) because everything was too pretty and cute to resist! They had 2 sets available at that time, the Sakura set and the Easter set. I settled on the Easter set, and Mamiko ordered the necklace plate (with her choice of cake) and a coffee. They also gave us “rainy day biscuits”, which are only given to customers on rainy days! An advantage to the bad weather!

In my opinion the food was scrumptious! My plate consisted of cupcake filled with jam and cream (I srsly love jam and cream together), a dollop of cream (which was more like ice cream – It was nice and chilled), and a macaron (I chose chocolate), and accompanied by a banana latte. I have to say, I was sceptical about the latte, but it was delicious! The detail and the design is one of the things that really attracts me to Q-pot! I adored how they designed the bunny cupcake, the bunny in the latte, and how they decorated the plate! Not to mention how pretty the places where, and how the Q-pot logo can be found on most things! The bathroom is also designed in an interesting way, it reminded me of a dentist’s clinic, but I didn’t take any pics, you’ll have to go and see yourself!

There’s a few jewellery items for sale around the shop, including other Q-pot themed items such a tea, table ware, bags and biscuits, and a gashapon machine you can try out!  You can even get cakes packaged for take away, I was really tempted, but it was raining terribly outside, and I had a bag full of sailor moon goodies from Kiddy Land that I had to juggle too.

If you’re a fan of Q-pot, Japanese fashion or like cute things, I think this café is definitely a place for you to check out!
Hiro xoxo

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