Friday, 3 June 2016

Review: Karaoke Box Birmingham

Hello Lovelies!
A few weeks ago Karaoke Box ran a competition on fb, and I won! Whuuu! My prize was a free 2 hour karaoke session! Which is great, as I had been meaning to go anyway! I totally LOVE Karaoke! I used to live in South Korea, where I always ended up in a Karaoke place (also known as noraebang) at least once a week, and it’s a must when I visit Japan too! So with my previous Karaoke experience, I thought I’d give you a little review of Karaoke Box, especially if you're someone who is specifically looking for info on this location! J
Karaoke Box is a chain that is mainly found in London, but their first branch opened up here in Birmingham in November 2015 (I think! I might be wrong! – Feel free to correct me if I am!). It’s on Broad Street, basically right by Jimmy Spices, so it’s not too difficult to get to. My friends and I booked an afternoon session, 2 pm on a Saturday, and sang our hearts out!

The staff member was super welcoming and friendly, and we were placed in the toy room, which was REALLY cool. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the experience due to a problem with my memory card. After our session my friends and I checked out the other rooms, which were equally as awesome, a lot of time and effort has gone into the design of the rooms, and they are all clean and well maintained.

The song selection is pretty EXCELLENT! We found almost everything we wanted! All the songs are English language songs though, you won’t find any Korean/Japanese language songs here (apart from Gangnam style by PSY), which is something you can get at other establishments in the city, however these places usually make you buy lots of food as a part of the karaoke package, which really puts me off going. I like to pay for the karaoke, and not lots of food I don’t really want to eat.

At Karaoke Box, similar to everywhere else I’ve been, the lyrics are presented to you on the screen, but there are no random videos playing behind the lyrics, which is something I always find amusing in Asia, especially when the video literally has nothing to do with the song, which is usually the case. There’s also no disco lights, which was a downside for me, as I love the tacky disco lights playing as you sing!

One of the biggest issues I had was there was no remote/control pad. To pick the songs you had to use the screen that was built into the wall, adjacent to the screen that showed the lyrics, rather than selecting songs from the comfort of your seat, but I CAN understand why Karaoke box have done this, I imagine they get a lot of groups who will be a bit tipsy/drunk, and they don’t want people stealing the remotes as a joke or a laugh. This is the probably the same reason there are no tambourines, which is a common sighting in Karaoke rooms in Japan and Korea, and something I do enjoy having.

The room we were in holds up to 5 people, and if we paid for it, it would have been £5 per person for each hour. This seems to be the general pricing across all the rooms, if you fill it up to maximum capacity, you’re paying £5 each for the hour, unless it’s peak hours where they’re a couple of pounds pricier. I think this is a pretty decent price, not as cheap as Asia, but cheaper than some options in the UK.

My friends had never ever done Karaoke before, and they loved their time at Karaoke Box! A big 2 thumbs up from them! Even though I’m a bit biased and I’m comparing it to my experiences in Asia, I also had a great time at Karaoke box, and I would pay to go again, as I think it’s a pretty decent deal for the price.

My Friends - 5/5
Me - 4/5
I would recommend you visit here! J
Thanks for reading! I hope this review helps you out!
Hiro xoxo

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